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Welcome to The Phoenix Law Firm (TPLF) bankruptcy law website. This firm will help you evaluate the pros and cons of bankruptcy, and determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. If bankruptcy is right for you, TPLF will advocate for you and help you maximize your options. TPLF wants to ensure that your rights are protected so that you are in the best possible position to regain your financial control and start fresh.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I having serious financial problems?
  • Are my debts greater than my income?
  • Do I have to choose which bills to pay each month?
  • Do I owe more in medical bills and/or credit bills than I can pay each month?
  • Do I avoid answering the phone because bill-collectors are harassing me?
  • Am I worried or have I received notice that I may lose my home? My vehicle?
  • Am I facing eviction for non-payment of rent?
  • Do I owe back taxes, child support, or student loans that I cannot pay?
  • Am I borrowing money from family/friends or considering taking on another job just to pay my living expenses?
  • Are my wages being (or threatened to be) garnished due to debts?
  • Could I get back on my feet if I could somehow make a plan to catch up on my mortgage/car/support payments?


There are a lot of myths, prejudices, and misconceptions about filing for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is not an admission of failure nor is it a “moral issue.”  Filing for bankruptcy is not “easy” but you can get through the process especially with legal assistance. In most situations filing for bankruptcy is well-worth the expense and effort. Bankruptcy can allow you to wipe the slate clean or to restructure your debts in such a way that you regain control of your finances and free yourself from a substantial amount of debt.   

Whether you should file bankruptcy is purely an economic decision. If you are eligible for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy you are entitled, by law, to a fresh start. If you believe that bankruptcy may help you, do not hesitate to become more informed about this process.

If you do decide to file for bankruptcy, you will want to keep all of the assets which you are legally entitled to keep; you will want these assets to rebuild your life. Call for legal help before you pay another bill for what, under bankruptcy law, may be a dischargeable debt.

If you answered “yes” to just 1 of the “bankruptcy test questions” above, it may be appropriate for you to call The Phoenix Law Firm at 202.587.5694 for a free telephone consultation OR GO TO THE “ABOUT THE PHOENIX LAW FIRM” AND “FREQUENTLY ASKED BANKRUPTCY QUESTIONS” PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION.


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TPLF is a debt relief agency. TPLF helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.